Mindfulness at work - the results are in

We are very proud of the results achieved on our Mindfulness At Work training programme. The participants embraced the training wholeheartedly and this is what they achieved:

I have the appropriate tools to manage my stress levels at work

Before: 50% After: 100%

I am able to manage ‘crisis situations’ at work in a calm and constructive way

Before: 40% After 85%

I am able to manage my emotions / unhelpful thoughts in order to focus on the task at hand

Before: 30% After 86%

I am able to draw on my inner resources to place myself in the best frame of mind for the current situation

Before: 50% After 71.5%

I am able to leave work within the confines of the office in order to have a good work/life balance

Before: 0% After: 57%

We couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome, and it confirms our belief that Mindfulness practice at work has huge benefits, not just at work (we got more feedback about the effect on personal life too) but in all areas of life. We hope sharing this information will inspire you to contact us too.

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