How mindfulness works, when it's not working

As daft as this may sound, this is actually the crux of mindfulness. Allow us to explain; in a quiet moment at work or home, we decide, OK, I am now going to do the next activity mindfully. And so we begin the task - washing up, peeling a potato, scanning a document, stapling some paper together - and before we know it our mind has drifted off, thinking about some other situation/conversation/thing that needs doing! No! Arrrgh, we say say to ourself, I’ve done it again, I’ve drifted off, I’m not being mindful. But in fact, you are right at the moment you notice your mind has wandered! That moment you notice you’ve drifted is exactly when you are being mindful. The very act of noticing is the act of being mindful - you are aware of being aware - this is mindfulness in action. Be pleased with yourself!

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