Touch-type in just one day!

Key Symphony is a course for anyone that isn’t a trained touch-typist and uses a keyboard frequently.

The first thing to know about touch-typing is this - it isn’t a visual skill, and yet most people look down at the keyboard, typing frantically with two fingers, only to look up and find a screen full of errors…which of course then take time to correct.

Secondly, TFTs (two finger typers!) hit the keys hard, hunched over the keyboard, and their posture suffers.

To tackle this wide-spread problem we have written Key Symphony - our one-day touch-typing course. You learn using accelerated learning techniques which means it’s highly engaging for your brain, and it targets long-term memory processes.

The day is fun and fast-paced - you will not be sitting at a keyboard all day either, you don’t need to do that to learn this skill.

We get feedback like this:

"The feedback we are receiving from staff is EXCELLENT. People are saying what a wonderful and fun workshop it is and completely 100% worthwhile attending."

"I am a total advocate of your course - it really works and I am so glad I took the course. Thanks to you I shall never look at a keyboard again."

We’ve been running this training for 17 years because it works, call us now to find out more.

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