Creating a WOW From Your Meetings

Zzzzzzzzzzz…oh…excuse us, we nodded off! Meetings - have you noticed how some can fall short of delivering the intended communication, key messages, or goals? And so have we (once we’d woken up!). Love them or loathe them we need meetings, and we’ve designed this training to help managers and leaders bring them back to life.

We develop your skills and confidence to get:

1) more truly inspired and engaged participants more of the time. 2) people leaving meetings enthused and convinced to go and put their energy behind the ideas or goals. 3) a feeling of team spirit that helps people pull together to achieve a common outcome.

Creating a WOW From Your Meetings shows you how to positively change the outcome of any meeting. This is done by implementing some relatively simple changes to the ways you lead and conduct them, making them naturally more appealing to participants. Sounds simple? It may surprise you to know that the approaches you will learn are based on applied psychology and neuroscience.

Spend two days with us and start looking forward to running meetings.

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