Mindfulness At Work

Mindfulness cultivates awareness, being in the present moment with what is, responding to the situation rather than reacting out of habit. We learn how to manage stress, build healthy mental resilience, well-being, and compassion.

How does this translate into our working life? Research now tells us that multi-tasking - once the pride of any successful person - reduces the quality of each individual task by up to 40%, and increases the number of mistakes. Our brain becomes habitually distracted, what is called ‘continual partial distraction’…sound familiar?

The problem is that in our non-stop, fast-paced existence we do not take the time to focus on the task at hand, and at work this does affect our productivity and performance.

If you’re wondering whether Mindfulness practice means sitting on the floor with your eyes closed, with thumb and middle finger touching…it doesn’t. It can be done whilst doing the washing up, having a shower, cleaning your teeth, getting dressed, sitting in a chair, using the photocopier, walking to work, going to the water dispenser, and many other normal daily tasks.

Mindfulness is now being embraced by schools, work-places such as Google (Search Inside Yourself), and doctors on rounds in hospital wards (to improve bed-side manner).

There is a burgeoning of Mindfulness awareness right now, which is reassuring to witness.

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