Our clients

Fit like a glove…

We’ve worked with hundreds of companies across all sectors of business, for example:

  • Kimberly Clark
  • Oxford Mindfulness Centre. University of Oxford.
  • Cherwell Secondary School
  • Zurich Insurance
  • Baker Atlas
  • Transport for London
  • Rank Group Gaming
  • The Walt Disney Company
  • Ministry of Justice
  • MASCO Europe
  • Metropolitan Police
  • Saga Services
  • Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman

What clients have said…

"I thought the training was brilliant; it provided a lot of information and understanding of the techniques. I liked the mix of theory and practice and having two presenters to mix it up a bit - it was an open and relaxed environment"

Kimberly Clark

"A few months have gone by and I wanted to thank you personally, because I have experienced during my trainings a little bit of everything you have shown us. I must say I haven’t probably realised during the course…but you have really inspired me a lot. Now my meeting rooms are full of posters, the agenda of the day as a drawing is beloved, I really take into account the multiple intelligences when I write new trainings.

Thank you indeed."

Learning & Development Advisor, The Disney Store Europe

“The Oddball Training [course] has provided me with what I had been looking for; a rich recipe of new and fresh techniques. The sense of enjoyment and satisfaction among our students has been palpable. I am very grateful for being given the opportunity to attend this excellent development training.”

J.Clarke, Metropolitan Police.

The feedback I have received from the training I’ve delivered differently as a result of the Oddball training has been excellent, both my delegates and I have noticed the difference. I really loved the pragmatic approach to the course, so everything we did could easily be related back to the training room. Brilliant!

Ray Jordan, Saga Services

[The facilitator] was very credible and knowledgeable, and balanced the course well.

Aaron Martins, Talent Advisor, British Gas Business

"A great training course. The most enjoyable I’ve ever been on. Testing and going beyond ones own boundaries and learning incredible techniques is a terrific experience that I shall use in my training courses and my personal life."

Manager, Storage Tek, Woking