Who are we? The people that bring it all to life...

Nicola Smith

Founder of Oddball Training, Nicola has worked in learning and development since 1990, beginning in financial services, then public sector, before starting Oddball Training in 1995.

She is particularly focused on accelerated and brain-based learning and has a vision to see all trainers and organisations embrace these techniques. This was the vision when Oddball Training began and still is today.

Her personal training journey has taken the route of:

  • Certificate in Training Practice (the ITD as it was known back then)
  • Master Practitioner NLP with Dr Richard Bandler
  • Accelerated Learning training with Peter Handley, co-author of The Creative Trainer
  • Brain Dominance Profiling training with Dr Carla Hannaford
  • The winner of South East Business Presenter of the Year - topic, Accelerated Learning (what else?!)
  • Cultural Transformation Tools part one practitioner
  • Havening, psychosensory techniques with Carol Robertson PhD
  • Arthur Hull, Drum Circle Facilitation skills
  • Mindfulness practice with Jini Lavelle, founder of the UK’s first mindfulness-based stress reduction training for the public
  • And she has attended many other wonderfully inspiring workshops by people such as Tony Buzan, Dr Michael Odent, Gorden Dryden, Colin Rose, Dr Jeanette Vos, Joseph McMoneagle, Seka Nikolic to name a few.

Jini Lavelle

Jini is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist specialising in neural re-programming and Mindfulness. Her passion is neuroscience, the way the plastic brain processes information, what makes us who we are, how we behave, learn, change, and develop new neural pathways.

Her professional background includes:

  • over 30 years experience in mental health as a psychotherapist
  • Diploma in Transpersonal Psychology as a psychologist and therapist
  • Mindfulness pioneer and trainer, and the study and practice of neuro-psychology
  • Established the first programme of Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction for the public (Oxfordshire Mindfulness) in 1999, researched by the Oxford University Department of Psychiatry
  • Founder member of the team that established the Oxford Mindfulness Centre with Professor Mark Williams at Oxford University
  • Developed and directed a research programme of mindfulness in secondary schools in Oxfordshire
  • Advocacy co-ordinator and trainer, pioneering advocacy for patients on psychiatric and forensic wards in Oxfordshire (now a government legal requirement in the UK)
  • Author of the manual ‘Mindfulness for Teachers and Teenagers’
  • studied fine art at Oxford University

Jini and Nicola are two people who enjoy their work, and believe in what they do - there isn’t any other job they could do (or want to do); this is where they find fulfillment which provides for engaging, behaviour-changing, training.