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All our training is created and delivered to meet your specific needs, because we know that what works in one organisation doesn’t necessarily work in another. And remember - we are always interested in the practical application of skills with a let’s do approach. Here are overviews about our workshops, but we do expect to bespoke the design to meet your outcomes:


We bring the very essence of this simple practice making it accessible to everyone. MasterMind is about the practical application of awareness, and to do this we have combined Mindfulness with neuro-science and moved on from the formulaic 8-week programme.

For Individuals

We offer a one-day workshop in using practical Mindful techniques for everyday situations - at home, at work, with family. The day is mostly experiential with lots of practice, so you can hit the ground running when you get home! Training dates run throughout the year - please email us directly so we can keep you informed of dates and venues.

For Businesses

In a nutshell, the programme consists of:

1) 2-hour research session with all participants

2) 1-day training workshop

3) 2-hour feedback and review session with all participants

4) Final group review session

We also put in place a co-mentoring process so everyone supports one another over a 6-week period.

This training equips people with the practical use of Mindfulness to increase concentration, focus, creativity, mental resilience, and well-being. But why do people require this?

Because our brain is habitually distracted whilst attempting to do several things at once (know this feeling?), we suffer continual partial attention, and one consequence of this is reducing the quality of productivity of each task by about 40% (i.e. multi-tasking isn’t actually that desirable).

MasterMind is a set of practical tools for people to use at work; it improves the quality of work by increasing focus, ability to adapt to stress and adversity, and enhancing personal well-being.

Train with us and acquire the practice of Mindfulness techniques, develop self-awareness, better impulse-control, decreased emotional reactivity to difficult events, and reduce anxiety and stress - do these sound like useful skills to have?

(Note: there will be no sitting on the floor with your legs crossed in the lotus position, we promise).

Mindfulness is quite simply a mental process of intentional, focused attention, the observation of thoughts, moods, emotions, sensations, and events with awareness. In other words, the awareness of being aware!

The Magician’s Apprentice

For over 20 years we have been training trainers in how to use accelerated learning when designing and delivering training courses. It’s everything we believe in and underpins what we do. So, if you want your training to be engaging and affective we highly recommend this workshop.

Facilitation Skills Development

Let us develop your skills and confidence to bring meetings back to life! Create inspired and engaged participants; help them to be enthused and convinced to go and put their energy behind the goals agreed; generate a feeling of team spirit that helps people pull together to achieve a common goal. Over the two days some of the things we cover are - how to get the right atmosphere from the off; have participants moving in the right mental direction; and using a simple model to build effectiveness into meeting plans.

Whatever training need you’ve identified in your business, we can help. And if you’re still not sure if our way is your way, talk to us about organising a taster session so you can experience how we work and make an informed decision.

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